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 Here are some resources for daily & weekly actions:

Daily Action - get daily text messages with up-to-date actions

5 Calls - also provides daily actions with scripts 

2 Hours a Week - offer daily and weekly actions

Wall of Us  - 4 weekly actions

Urgent Action! Protect Net Neutrality!

 Our free and open internet is still under attack! Oppose FCC Chair Ajit Pai's attempt to remove the internet's Title II status, which protects against ISPs being able to give preferential treatment to companies based on content or fees.  Learn more here.

Call the FCC and comment : 888-255-3455

Call Faso, Gillibrand & Schumer - contacts here.

Environmental Issues!

  • Urge CEOs to step up to protect the planet by stepping down. Many of the CEOs on Trump’s Advisory Council have made statements in support of the Paris Climate Agreement. But so far only two, Elon Musk of Tesla and Bob Igor of Disney, have stepped down in response to Trump's recent withdrawal of the US from this vital world agreement to take concrete actions to combat climate change. See where the CEOs on the advisory council stand here, and tweet or email them with your thoughts.

  • Oppose defunding or the termination of the EPA.  Call Faso:
         - oppose drastic cuts to funding for the EPA - Learn more here.

           - oppose HR 861 - Termination of the EPA - reasons are rather obvious, but learn more here.

  • Protection of National Monuments. Trump recently signed an executive order asking Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to review national monuments set aside by Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Since 1906 (under the Antiquities Act) Presidents have been setting public lands aside for “historic, cultural, or scientific reasons”. See the National Monuments under review here. Patagonia released a strong statement condemning this order, which may be read here. Call Schumer, Gillibrand, Faso, and Zinke and express your outrage at this executive order.
      Schumer, Gillibrand, Faso contacts here.                                                                                         Interior Secretary Zinke: (202) 208-3100, @SecretaryZinke

  • Encourage environment protectors! Join the League of Conservation Voters and thank the senators who are pushing back and offering clean energy solutions to protect our health and environment here.

  • Oppose the Pilgrim Pipeline -- contact your local legislators and ask that they cosponsor or support Bill A10468  in the NY State Assembly, or the companion bill S7979 in the NY State Senate. More information and who to contact here. Learn more about Pilgrim Pipeline  here.

  •  Oppose drilling on public, tax-payer supported wild lands - call the House Committee on Natural Resources against House Joint Resolution 46. Info & contacts here

  • Oppose bill forcing states to manage national parks -- call to rescind House Resolution 622.

      Info & contacts here

  • Great Environmental spreadsheet here.

Oppose the Pilgrim Pipeline!


  • Call Governor Cuomo at this number 866-846-4075 and tell him to stop the Pilgrim Pipeline! Learn more here.

  • Contact your state legislators and ask that they cosponsor or support Bill A2446  in the NY State Assembly, or the companion bill S5139 in the NY State Senate. More information and who to contact here. Learn more about Pilgrim Pipeline here. 

  • Sign up for Pilgrim Pipeline action alerts here.

Demand protections for transgender students

The Trump Administration revoked the Obama guidelines that defend transgender children and teens by directing the Justice and Education Departments to notify schools to stop protecting transgender students' rights to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. Transgender students are already at a higher risk for bullying, violence, and suicide compared to their cisgender peers, and this new order endangers them further. 

Contact: Schumer, Gillibrand, Faso - contacts here.

               US Dept of Justice - 202-353-1555

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Local Actions!

  • Immigration - Call your County Sheriff. Ask for a commitment to require a judicial warrant before detaining people at the request of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and to not authorize or engage in surveillance of a person or group based on their perceived immigration status. Also you may add that you object to your local taxes being used to enforce Federal immigration law. Sample script here.

      Learn more here.

      Find Sheriff here.

      Ulster County Sheriff - Paul Van Blarcum 845-338-3640



Call The News! Write Letters To The Editor!

  • Call or email news organizations and demand that they report accurate, relevant information and are not intimidated or distracted by the threats, diversion tactics, and absurdities of this administration, and that they call out trump and his entourage on their lies - and call them lies!!! Demand that they do not contribute to normalizing trumps behavior, and that they have the courage to report the truth.


       News Media contact info


Write letters to editors!​​

      Tips & contacts for writing letters to editors

       List of local news emails

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